Q : What is BookFest @ Malaysia 2023?

A : BookFest @ Malaysia 2023 2023 is a commercial book fair which assemble leading publishers, books and stationery distributors from across the ASEAN and Asia Pacific regions, as well as Oceania, Europe and North America. It is a one-stop venue for a comprehensive range of the latest publications book releases, gadgets & IT products, stationeries and magazines showcasing.

Q : When is the BookFest @ Malaysia held?

A :BookFest @ Malaysia will be officially launched on 3 June 2023. The exhibition will be opened from 10am-10pm from 3 - 11 June 2023, throughout the 9 days to the public. (For more details on the time schedule, please refer to our website

Q : Where is the venue of BookFest @ Malaysia 2023?

A :BookFest @ Malaysiais held at Hall 1 - 5 (Ground Floor) of Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, KLCC, Malaysia.

Q : Why held it at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre?

A :The venue has state-of-the-art facilities and is located right in the heart of the business district of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Located next to one of Malaysia’s prominent landmarks, the Petronas Twin Towers which houses Suria KLCC, it is easily accessible by taxi, by bus, by transit rail, by car and strategically located within walking distance from the nearby hotels.

Q : What is special about this year’s BookFest @ Malaysia?

A :For this year’s BookFest @ Malaysia, Halls 1 and 2 will transport you to the heart of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Malaysia with a dazzling array of Chinese books, text and assessment materials, mind-blowing CDs & DVDs, and exciting Anime & Comics Fest. If English is more your style, Halls 4 and 5 are the places to be, featuring an awe-inspiring collection of English books, state-of-the-art gadgets & IT. This year, we will also highlight cutting-edge stationery and mouth-watering titbits at Hall 4.

You can also expect a variety of entertaining and engaging activities such as live band performances, local and overseas author-sharing sessions, children's workshops, children's colouring competitions, cooking demonstrations, Readers' Choice Awards (RCA)/Anugerah Pilihan Pembaca (APP) Awards Ceremony 2023, contests, and more sprinkled throughout the exhibition days.

Q : Who are the target consumers?

A : Avid book readers, professionals, families, students, educators, book retailers and distributors.

Q : Where do I find more information about BookFest?

A : You may contact us at 1300 88 6336 or browse our website at and facebook page

Q : Do I need to pay to enter BookFest @ Malaysia 2023?

A : Yes. Admission is RM2.50 per ticket for one-day entry or RM10 per season pass for unlimited entry throughout our BookFest @ Malaysia 2023. However, free admission for students 18 years old & below, and senior citizens 60 years old & above.

Q : Do I require to wear a face mask when I visit to BookFest?

A : Not compulsory. If feel unwell or down by any sickness and personal hygienic reason is encouraged to wear mask.

Q : When can I start moving in?

A :Refer to exhibitor manual.


Q : I will be visiting Malaysia for the first time. What are Customs formalities that I should observe when I arrive at the airport?

A : Welcome to Malaysia Truly Asia!! For a pleasant journey, we advise travelers to set aside a few minutes to familiarize themselves with our Customs requirements. Please click for further information.

Tips for Travellers


You will be held liable if the goods are, or contain prohibited, controlled, restricted or taxable items. The trafficking of Dangerous Drugs in Malaysia is a serious offence that carries mandatory death sentence.


Under the law, you are required to produce, open and unpack your baggage for Customs examination and to repack it thereafter. You may be directed to the X-ray machine for scanning of your baggage. Please declare any dutiable / taxable goods or goods in excess of your duty-free concession to the officer before your luggage is scanned.


If you need to bring medicines (especially sleeping pills, depressants, stimulants, etc.) for your physical well-being while travelling, you must possess a physician prescription certifying so.


Q : Can I participate in BookFest and not be in the pavilion of my origin country?

A : No, all exhibitors are located within their own pavilion of identity. (Confirmation of booking will only be valid upon payment.)

Q : Can I have a stand alone booth where there are no adjoining booths on any side of my space?

A : Yes. You may have a stand alone booth by taking up the entire block of space available within the Hall area shown in the floor layout plan.

Q : How high can I build up my stand?

A : You may build up to a maximum height of not more than 3.5m and if you wish to build your stand higher than the regulated height, you must seek approval from the organizer.

Q : How can I order additional items for my stand?

A : Additional items may be ordered on the additional item order forms in your exhibitor manual. Please contact our Official contractor if you require customized / specific items or arrangements.

Q : What can I use to fix my displays or light exhibits to the infill panels?

A : You may use two part Velcro (hook and loop), Blutack or double sided sticky pads. Please do not use nails, screws, staples, etc as infill panels are only 3mm thick, and you are liable to be charged for any damage done.

Q : What is the clear height below the ceiling grid?

A : From the building floor to underside of ceiling grid, the clear height is approximately 6m.

Q : Can I have my company logo on my standard shell scheme fascia name panel?

A : Most exhibition organizers like to keep the shell scheme uniform and as such, do not permit logos on the standard fascia name panel. However it is subjected to approval.

Q : How far do the upright poles protrude beyond the infill panels?

A : The exhibition organizers will keep the shell scheme uniform.

Q : Can I paint my shell scheme infill panels?

A : No, but you may contact the Organizer to arrange for standard sized colored POS materials of your choice (at an additional charge) to be pasted at the infill panels.

Q : Do I need exhibitor passes?

A : You will need special passes for the logistics and transportation staff to enter the exhibition halls during set-up. Exhibitor passes are only available for those who are listed as staff of the particular stand. If you do need more than the allocated amount of passes, you may request / order from the Organizer at an additional charge. During opening hours, it is compulsory for all exhibitors to wear the passes for identification purposes.